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You must provide proof of your Social Security number when applying for a document for the first time or transferring your out-of-state license. Use this map of DMV/Driver License offices to find a location convenient for you. Each entry on the map will provide you with: Name of the office Applying for a Teen Driver's License in Colorado The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles the issuance of driver licenses to first-time drivers. CO Driver's License Eligibility Requirements. The Colorado DMV WILL NOT issue you a license if you: Have any suspensions, revocations, or denials of your driving ... The Secret To Getting A Colorado Driver License If You've Lost Your License in Another State. You have to start off with the Interstate Driver License Compact. HR staff may list "Driver's license" for the title space, the state motor vehicles agency for the issuing authority, the ... Provisional driver license restrictions during the first year Provisional Driving Restrictions-You must be accompanied and supervised by a licensed parent, guardian ...

Your Colorado Driver's License. Drivers are required to renew their drivers licenses in Colorado after a five-year learning to drive manual game bird validity period. You can apply for a drivers ... The Gold License is granted to any driver who, at the point of license renewal, has at least five years of clean driving history (no driving infractions). DISABILITY LICENSE DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income The following documents must be included with your application: