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Claire Silvester
HR Director
UK Vector Aerospace, Gosport, Hants

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Dave Ford
Head of Lynx Operations
Vector Aerospace, Gosport, Hants

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Stephanie Lawson
London Fancy Box

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Dawn Hudd CMgr, MIED
Assistant Head Economic Development & Tourism
Canterbury City Council

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David Osborn
HR Manager
VISA Europe

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Janet Keane
P.A.to the Directors/Human Resources Manager

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Dario Bucceri
MannaHouse Consulting

comrar venta champix The needs of and outcomes for the Department were always placed first, with Patricia building training sessions around these. She used innovative and challenging techniques while at the same time keeping the requirements of the Department in focus.

William Myers
Director of Technical Services
London Borough of Wandsworth

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Ben Barron
Vector Aerospace

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Claire Silvester
Group HR Director
Vector Aerospace International

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Tom Money
Vector Aerospace

acheter xalatan It was a very good experience to go on your course and I recognise when the provider is committed to their learners, so thanks again to everyone at Face 2 Face.

Steve Dalgetty
HR Manager
London Borough of Sutton & Merton

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Nikki Hudson

Acheter Sporanox. Achat Itraconazole Sans Ordonnance We can do things better and differently, our computer training programme will be all the better for learning these new techniques (Accelerated Learning). The old way wasn’t working but with a more creative approach and taking into account how people learn I think we have the opportunity to make it ‘stick’ so there’ll be less retraining in the future.

Anonymous (various)
Qualification Programmes

Lisa Deas
Training Manager
Marley Extrusions Limited, trading as Marley Plumbing & Drainage (Aliaxis UK Ltd)

What would you say to anyone who was/is thinking of going on this programme?
• Embrace it all, and expect to be challenged.
• Come with an open mind and be prepared to be changed.
• Be open-minded and truthful with yourself and others.
• Be prepared to think about yourself, and how you relate/interact with others. You’ll have fun.
• Be prepared to learn things about yourself, good and bad, you will enjoy.
• Be open to all ideas and concepts, be honest with yourself and you will get the most reward.
• Do it! – It’s definitely worth it.
• Trust Trish – she may take you to uncomfortable places, but she will always help, guide and support you.
• You will learn a lot about yourself, enjoy the time exploring yourself.

Delegates’ feedback from Marley Extrusions Limited, trading as Marley Plumbing & Drainage 2008
ILM Keystone Development Programme

I got some good feedback about me, thanks! This course has helped me understand more about others and how to work together better.

ILM Keystone Apprentice Development Programme

I am taking more responsibility.
I am more confident on the phone.
I’m more willing to feedback to people on their actions. Hopefully it’s making working together easier.
Trying to stop and think before reacting to situations and about how I might be holding a grudge.
I used to be a very angry person and thought it was all their fault, now I see that I am partly responsible for the difficult situations I got into. Even my wife say’s I am calmer and react less now.

ILM Keystone Apprentice Development Programme

The self-analysis really helped me to see things from other’s points of view. Now I work more effectively with people.
My line manager said the other day that I had changed since the team event, and for the better.
The team are co-operating more since we had that team day. There is more openness and people are not afraid to say something if things aren’t going well. Problem solving in the team has improved too.
This course made me realise that there is more than one way to do something and that my way isn’t always right!

Anonymous (various)
ILM Keystone Development Programme

Coaching made me think, gave me time to think, allowed me to listen to my thoughts and helped me to find answers. It challenged me to ‘do’ something about things rather than just talk about them and helped me to practice new things too.

One-to-one coaching

There is no doubt that the coaching is helping her, she has achieved her promotion and continued coaching/mentoring will help her in her new senior role.

David Evans
Sunray Engineering

You really helped me to take step back from the day to day stuff and think about the business longer term. I have some tough decisions to make but feel more confident and able to do that now.

Caroline Lovely

The role-plays helped me to see how easy it is to fall into a trap and how to avoid that back at work

ILM Disciplinary and Grievance Panel Member Training